Sunday, January 27, 2008

McCain or Romney?

Well the only thing Florida will decide is the fate of Rudy Guiliani. At this point he appears to be road kill. Just like a possum that is too slow to cross the road, Rudy was in neutral or first gear for his entire campaign until Florida. But too little, too late, too slow.

My quandary is this; it's coming down to McCain versus Romney. I don't give Huckabee much of a chance. Do I set aside Romney's Mormonism or do I set aside McCain's inconsistent conservatism? Do I vote for the economic, social, and security conservative, Romney? Or do I vote for the pragmatic, independent vote getting McCain? Do I vote for the slick, attractive candidate, Mitt Romney or the old but experienced John McCain? Do I vote for someone who has changed positions on issues several times or someone who sticks to his guns, even stubbornly?

As a conservative Republican who would you vote for? I'll let you after super Tuesday who I'm voting for.

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