Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama's Snake Oil

Obama – The Medicine Man

Snake oil is a traditional Chinese medicine used to treat joint pain. Elixirs were potions used to heal every known disease. In western movies both were sold to the gullible as cure alls that could fix any problem you had. The snake oil or potions were medicines that were fake, ineffective or of dubious quality. They were sold with exaggerated marketing and questionable or unverifiable quality.
The snake oil peddler or medicine man became a common character in Western movies: a traveling "doctor" with dubious credentials, selling some “medicine” with marketing hype, often supported by fabricated and bogus evidence.

Barack Obama is just another snake oil salesman. Obama is selling us fake cures for the economy, the war on terror, and social issues that divide our country. On the economy it’s a big “yes we can”. Yes we can raise your taxes and spend more of your money to fix the economy. On health care it’s a big “yes we can”. Yes we can raise taxes, subsidize health care for all, and have the government take over the health care system. On the war on terror it’s a big “yes we can”. Yes we can pull all troops out of Iraq. This is the promised elixir that most politicians, Democrats and Republicans, both know cannot happen for several years. On the divisive social issue of illegal immigration. It’s a big “yes we can”. Yes we can solve this issue by granting illegals drivers’ licenses, providing welfare, and providing a massive amnesty plan. On every issue Obama sells us the promise of the elixir that cures all. His elixir is simply the tired old formula of the ingredients of bigger government, more taxes, and more spending.

Barack is not a politician, he is an evangelist along the lines of Joel Osteen, a communicator, a motivator, and an orator. Obama sells us hope but little else. At least Osteen sells us on a change of life brought on by a sincere belief in Christ. Obama sells us hope based upon an elixir that government can fix everything that is wrong with our country. Don’t swallow it. It’ll just make you sick.

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