Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Health Coverage For All

No matter who becomes our next president, health care will be a major. If you're in favor of some kind of universal coverage maybe the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is one of the options the next president should consider. It's intent was to cover those that made too much money to qualify for Medicaid but made too little to afford health insurance. The plan does not cover everything, it's a basic plan. See the following link to see the details. http://dhsforms.hr.state.or.us/Forms/Served/HE9035.pdf

One of the problems with the OHP is there are not enough funds to fully fund it, Therefore, a lottery is held when openings exist. But it might be a viable solution if we decide upon universal coverage for those who can't afford health care. For those of us who can afford it or are covered by an employer plan, well let's look at improving health insurance through reductions in cost and market based plans.

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